Plague of pandemic proportions killing Americans

A virus of pandemic proportions is stealing our future. In the past two years, it has taken 6,000 children’s lives. Our most innocent and vulnerable vanished.

This sickness will kill approximately 40,000 Americans during President Barack Obama’s second term. Since 1982, this disease has had 61 major outbreaks leading to mass deaths.

Astonishingly, among 23 of the highest income countries, the USA accounted for 80 percent of all deaths by this dreadful scourge.

In many parts of the world this preventable horror is well under control, yet it is allowed to steal the lives, hopes and dreams of so many in the USA. Why? Unashamed, unconscious, immoral greed.

How can one justify the unjustifiable, the human carnage in our schools?

Rambo-style high-capacity magazines and automatic military-grade assault weapons are designed to kill many people quickly, not for defense.

The ultimate goal? Windfalls at the cash register. The gun industry is flourishing thanks to the cowardly National Rifle Association and its partners – promoters of putrid violent video games, hypocritical lobbyists and low-life politicians under its control.

NRA’s mantra, as always, is, “We need more guns.” One representative was asked, “Are you in favor of 18-year-olds carrying guns to school?” The cruel clown unreservedly answered, “Yes.”

This criticism is not addressed at responsible gun owners. It is directed at the nauseating radicals and their sick and conveniently twisted interpretation of the Second Amendment, which is tantamount to spitting on the Constitution.

Alain Mei