Printing letters from both sides is supported

I am a supporter of The Maui News’ policy of printing letters from both sides of the political spectrum as long as they are civil and void of pejoratives.

The suggestion by a Dec. 21 letter writer that some letters should not be published because they are offensive to him is advocating censorship.

I would recommend that this individual read Amendment I of the Constitution of the United States, which states “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” by Congress or others is unconstitutional.

Other letters rebut me for my opinion that the re-election of Barack Obama was a national mistake and decry my lack of appreciation for his heroic efforts in the first term. I say hogwash.

Obama may be a nice person and give a good speech, but he is not a leader or a wise man.

A true leader would have united the nation, not divided it; he would have assumed responsibility for the state of the nation, not excused himself from it; he would have worked with the opposition, not isolated and denigrated it; he would be a humble man, a man of the people, not arrogant and think of himself as royalty above the fray.

Jose Caubet