Putting guns in hands of good people no solution

It appears that the problem of gun violence in the streets will finally be addressed.

I don’t know how much more bloodshed Americans are willing to take. A massacre in a maternity ward perhaps?

Predictably, the National Rifle Association crowd tells us to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, to ignore the elephant in the room and fix gun violence by any means other than taking portable weapons of mass destruction out of the equation.

But I’ve yet to hear anyone on either side of the debate speak of the obvious.

Clinically insane people are only a small percentage of the problem. We are all – down to the last one of us – potential killers. All humans have a breaking point, a point at which we are all capable of and willing to kill. All of us – schoolteachers, priests, sweet old aunts, elected officials, business leaders. Each of us, when pushed to our limits, is capable of killing. And having an assault rifle close by to make it easy is a great incentive to do what we would otherwise just think about.

To say that the remedy of guns in the hands of criminals is guns in the hands of good people is just about the dumbest thing anyone could possibly think of. Let’s get rid of the assault rifles and let the Second Amendment crazies have all the single-shot muskets they desire. That is, of course, the type of firearm our Founding Fathers had in mind.

John R. Hall