Reasons why Democratic Party on Maui is struggling

While those in the Maui Democratic Party may claim that they followed the process of self-made rules in selecting the recommended candidates for the seat held by then-Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran (The Maui News, Jan. 19), it is the process chosen which smacks of mean-spiritness, a hint of “in your face” and payback is a four-letter word to people such as Kimo Apana and Joe Pontanilla whose background of experience and service served all of Maui well.

In making these rules, party officials ignored the implications of appearances of impropriety, conflict of interest and fairness. It’s little wonder why the Democratic Party on Maui is struggling to keep its members interested and or engaged.

The irony of it all is that party officials like their members disinterested and disengaged since they are then free to continue their back-room manipulations minus the cigars.

Keep track of these Democrats who purport to follow the rules – they are what makes the political system suspect if not broken.

And remember, 2014 is but a breath away. This time it is us that will have the final word.

Mary Cochran