Right to self-protection from threats is absolute

Leftists are saying the Second Amendment is not applicable today?

The amendment is not what gives Americans the right to own arms, we have this absolute right of self-protection from all threats, we were born with this right, it’s inalienable. The amendment only ensures government can never interfere with it, hence the very broad phrase “shall not infringe,” making almost anything an infringement and therefore illegal.

The threats Americans face include government tyranny. Our founders had just experienced this and wanted to ensure it never happened again, so no sunset – it protects Americans forever. There will always be tyrants in this world, and to think that one could never surface in America is naive.

In order to exercise this inalienable right of self-protection, Americans must always be armed with the current technology of the day, now or in a 1,000 years, to defend themselves against the same. To say the Second Amendment only applies to militias is ridiculous. “The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age.”

We all have the duty to protect this most precious right. It protects all other rights for us and all future generations. If we fail, they will not be free. And it will be on our backs for all eternity. Do not allow this most precious right to be tampered with. Join the National Rifle Association; call your Congress people and tell them you will not tolerate this attack on our rights.

Dan Scheper