Second Amendment should be changed to reflect times

Recent surveys show that about 10 percent of gun owners do not favor background checks for gun buyers.

These are the very same people who should be on the no fly/no buy lists. Let’s find out who they are, take their guns, remit them to counseling/psychiatric evaluations and keep them away from airports/schools/the general public.

Apparently, as I’ve written to The Maui News previously, there exists a significant percentage of our population who pose a threat to everyone.

When the Second Amendment was passed, our Congress had in mind muzzle-loaded guns that took at least a minute to reload. Congress did not anticipate citizens armed with automatic or semiautomatic assault-style weapons. If it had, I’m certain lawmakers would have altered that amendment to exclude them.

As insurgents against our British overlords, and very recent victors, the writers of our Constitution were understandably protective of their citizenry and new country.

Times change. We change. Our weapons have certainly changed.

Our Second Amendment should now change to reflect these changes. If we are to claim to be a civilized world, we require civilized social rules.

There will always be the 10 percent who pose a threat. That’s a scary number, but history supports it. We must face reality. We must protect ourselves from them. But when we have to use firearms to do so it’s already too late, for everyone.

Jeff Bigler