Statements show the need to rein in gun violence

The campaign for increased gun regulations has led, predictably, to articles and cartoons intended to demonstrate that it is pointless to try to reduce deaths by regulating guns when there are so many other things – from cars to ladders – that cause deaths which the government is not able to prevent.

Those devices have uses other than killing people, while most of us believe our government is there to protect us, so we don’t need a gun. However, there are people, like a Jan. 12 letter writer, who also believe they need guns to protect themselves from their government because it wants to take away the right to own guns.

We have fought two wars over our rights – one to separate ourselves from our then country and another to prevent a part of our country from separating itself from the rest. These were wars begun after a declaration of intent to set up another government. Now to say that we have a right to kill members of our own government is something entirely different. Yet, a member of the New York state Legislature was recently quoted as saying that we need guns to “protect us from our own government.” This sounds like something John Wilkes Booth or any of the others who have killed or tried to kill presidents would have said. Don’t we call them assassins?

This thinking is truly frightening and should demonstrate that the time has indeed come to rein in the gun violence.

Beverly Bartlett