Stories about guns stopping crimes ignored

More than 2,000 times last year legal gun owners stopped violent crimes with guns. Of course, you didn’t read about it in the papers ’cause the media doesn’t find it fits with its agenda.

What’s crazy is that some people think that by removing rights from responsible people will keep them safe.

* In 1997, a high school shooting in Pearl, Miss., was stopped by a vice principal with a gun.

* In 1998, a middle school shooting ended when a neighbor heard gunshots and confronted a man with his shotgun.

* In 2002, at an Israeli school, a terrorist attack was stopped by a teacher with a gun and a school guard.

* In 2002, a law school shooting in Grungy, Va., was stopped by students with guns.

* In 2007, a Ogden, Utah, mall shooting was stopped by an off-duty police officer.

* In 2009, a Houston workplace shooting was stopped by workers carrying concealed weapons.

The list goes on about people who carry weapons that save lives – wearing their weapons where you can see the gun or concealed. I myself don’t like automatic rifles ’cause you waste bullets.

The military AR-16 can fire 750 rounds a minute if you can load and fire it that fast.

Allen Vierra