Success of Lahaina Bypass Now due to volunteers

As of Dec. 31, the community group Lahaina Bypass Now has been dissolved. I want to publicly thank our hardworking and dedicated board of directors, former directors and our community volunteers.

With their intelligence, their perseverance, their determination and their knowledge of the community, they turned the Lahaina Bypass from a long-running discussion into reality.

For their commitment to community service, let me now thank our board of directors – Chad Fukunaga, David Ferguson, Stacie Thorlakson, Don Lehman and Rory Frampton.

Former directors include Theo Morrison, Carol Reimann, Lori Sablas, Leilani Pulmano, Norm Bezane and Shan Steinmark. Community volunteers are: May Fujiwara and Lisa Cabinghas.

You guys are the best and it has been my distinct pleasure to serve with all of you.

Bob Pure