Theories offered on dark and dour state of Wailea

For a number of years I have thought about this contrast. When one drives on South Kihei Road, Kihei is alive with lights and Christmas decorations. When you get to the boat ramp and Wailea, it suddenly gets dark and dour except for the hotels and the Shops at Wailea.

Why is this?

A number of theories come to mind:

* The good citizens of Wailea, mindful of human rights transgressions in China, have decided to boycott Chinese-made Christmas lights.

* The good burgers of Wailea, mindful of the air pollution caused by fossil fuels, have taken a stand on this usage.

* Christianity arrived in Hawaii in the 1800s. It spread through the islands. Quite possibly, except for Keawala’i Church in Makena, it never penetrated Wailea and Makena. Hence the darkness.

Does anyone out there have another theory or answer?

Ed Craig