Waste-to-energy technology is the wrong solution

Our addiction to abundant energy shows no sign of ending soon.

I am shocked and dismayed to learn that Maui is moving toward waste-to-energy technology. Shocked, as it flies in the face of reduce, reuse, recycle; shocked, in that it requires and demands us to keep generating more trash by buying more and more stuff.

This problem is bigger than how we’ll continue to support our need for abundant energy. The problem is this caffeine, 5-hour energy, ever-ready bunny economy and lifestyle this culture is addicted to, still using up more than its share of the Earth’s resources while what’s left of the natural world is on the run, and giant oil spills become the way it goes.

When once our economy was almost completely agriculture- and manufacturing-based, today 70 percent of our economy is us buying stuff.

Folks, isn’t it obvious by now that business as usual, progress as we’ve known it, is not true progress and not sustainable, and our addiction to abundant energy and buying stuff doesn’t bring true happiness and well-being and is in fact directly related to the condition of the Earth?

Of course, given our present economy, if we stop buying stuff and turn down our energy use, the economy will suffer initially. That may be exactly what’s needed and required for there to be a healthy planet for our grandchildren to live on.

Every dollar you spend or don’t spend is a vote your grandchildren are watching.

Bodhi Be