We all experience passage of time differently

At certain times during the year, people think about the passage of time. Children’s birthdays cause one to reflect on time. One’s own birthday. Deaths of close relatives. At Christmastime. And, of course, at the passing of a year.

Some years are good and others are bad. The Depression was bad, and wars are bad. Astrologically, 1936 was a terrible year. So was most of 1974. But individuals have their own fates, destinies and karma. One of us may have a good year at the same time that others are having bad years.

Time is really movement and distance covered. If not for sequential processes in the brain, we might not be aware of the passage of time.

Each moment is different for all of us, because the Earth is both revolving around its axis and hurtling through space. We are constantly moving into and out of neighborhoods. That is, fields of force and various astrological and astronomical relationships.

Each of us experiences time differently as well. The older we are, the more rapid the passage of time. A 75-year-old man experiences the passage of time five times more rapidly than a 5-year-old child. And this is because he is experiencing, acknowledging and relating to fewer stimulations. This being so, it feels to him that time has shrunk. He is not filling time as the brain, mind and body of a child.

Raphael O’Suna