Would like to know facts about Hawaii gun laws

Only a few days ago, I found out that Hawaii does have laws against assault pistols (but not assault rifles) and magazines holding more than 10 shots.

I am too lazy to research this, but I think all of us could benefit from a well-researched article about the actual facts about gun laws in Hawaii, assault pistols and assault rifles, our relative position versus other states regarding gun deaths per capita, etc.

I don’t recall any mass shootings in schools in Hawaii. Have there been single shootings?

It would also be worthwhile to describe the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling about the Second Amendment, which clarified the court’s opinion that it does protect ownership of a gun for home defense. That decision, however, allows limitations on gun types and ammo that are reasonable. Since a number of states have such limitations, including Hawaii, obviously those limitations are constitutional.

When we get into the realm of opinion, I would like to know what people think about how well the laws we have are enforced. Are there loopholes that need fixing?

I also feel that the same Supreme Court that says the Second Amendment protects private ownership of guns (despite the language of the amendment) is also the Supreme Court that said corporations are people. And it also said that money is free speech. So, I don’t think the court’s opinions are necessarily very wise.

Please give us more facts about the actual situation in Hawaii.

Sally Raisbeck