Writing letters to editor serves multiple purposes

Writing to letters to the editor is a way for people to express themselves. Letting off steam, to be heard but not seen. To point out what some lack in foresight and hopefully we can offer what becomes hindsight. Using our right, the freedom of speech, but within a reasonable way and not a fallacy of ad hominem.

Sometimes what those who are educated lack is the sense or common use of it. Yet a comment is just two sense while many have five, those wackys and oddballs may have six.

Dec. 21, 2012, has long passed and we are still here and proving science is wrong.

Albert Einstein, who created the Theory of Relativity, was said to base many of his thoughts on assumptions and approximations and with math and science prove things to become fact.

The world may be flat and my glasses can make the Earth look round.

Entertaining and sometimes educational.

Michael Matoi