A different opinion on efficiency of DMV website

The Feb. 21 editorial could not be more wrong expounding the efficiency of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ online vehicle registration renewal. Rather, it is perfect example of government inefficiency.

I too accessed the site and renewal information for a one-year-old vehicle. However, the additional credit card fee provoked me to mail a check. DMV’s cost to process and deposit my mailed check certainly exceeds its $6 online fee.

Later, attempting to access online renewal for an older vehicle (to check the breakdown of renewal charges), the system would not let me access the record because DMV had not received a paper copy of my current safety inspection. Hence, it was mandatory to mail the copy with my renewal check.

DMV verified that its registration system does not capture whether a vehicle has a current safety inspection. It only knows if the safety inspection it has on file has expired, and has no record of whether liability insurance is current. The copy sent to the state by the safety inspection station is not accessible by DMV. The owner must mail a copy of the new safety inspection for DMV to update its records – online renewal is impossible.

Let’s jump past the technology of the 1970s. DMV must develop intelligent computer access to safety inspections and insurance records and make online renewals available for all vehicles (without an additional fee). And while we’re demanding efficiency and common sense, let’s synchronize the month of expiration for registration and safety inspection.

Bruce Erfer