Accident victim grateful for top-notch health care

I am writing this letter to thank the many people who cared for me during and after my accident on Maui in March 2012.

I had a freak accident with a small wave and I landed on my left arm. It is unknown what cut my arm, but it was sliced open at the front of the elbow, severing my brachial artery. My husband, experienced in first aid and rescue, was able to care for me until the emergency personnel arrived.

Maui Memorial Medical Center may be a smaller hospital, but the quality of the care is outstanding. The staff was very caring and really couldn’t do enough to make me comfortable or provide anything I needed. I have never experienced a staff in any hospital that treated patients as well as I was treated.

Fortunately, Dr. Michael Dang happened to be available when I arrived, and was the surgeon who spliced my artery and put my arm back together. My husband said that the emergency room staff and other professionals who treated me and prepared me for surgery were top notch and did everything they could to hopefully ensure a successful outcome.

I would only realize later how very lucky I was to have had the care and expertise provided by the professionals at Maui Memorial and Dr. Dang.

People coming to vacation on Maui: Be assured that excellent medical care is available at Maui Memorial if needed. I would recommend them to anyone.

Linda Wharton

Littleton, Colo.