Amount of parking will govern Wailuku’s future

Hats off to the Feb. 2 Viewpoint writer. She is 100 percent correct.

As a past member of the Maui Redevelopment Agency, I have to state that the members of the agency are very caring about Wailuku and its present and future. I can attest to many hours of a sore bum sitting and hearing and discussing with the public and other stakeholders about every issue great and small affecting the lovely small town of ours.

However, for Wailuku to be vibrant and viable it has to have a successful economy. Anything that detracts from that is a negative.

I believe to serve all the stakeholders as best as possible, more parking must be created before more is lost. So, if the park is considered to be an attractive direction to move toward then it should be accomplished only after other parking that is close and convenient is created. This creation of parking would need to make up for the loss of the park’s parking and to add substantially more parking, as parking in the area has a direct influence on the amount of visitation, convenience and access to Wailuku.

Parking and its amount will govern Wailuku’s viability and future growth.

Ray Phillips