Apana deserved to be considered for House seat

I have been proud to be a registered Democrat for many years. However, for the last few election cycles I’ve felt the Maui Democratic Party has been ignoring its local roots and the will of most of its members.

The recent nominating process for state representative showed me things have not changed.

I assumed that when the names from the Maui County Democratic Party were delivered to the governor, former Mayor James “Kimo” Apana would be included. As a council member and as mayor, Kimo always put the welfare of Maui’s citizens above his own.

Following risky heart surgery, Kimo agreed to the thankless task of taking over and successfully mending the fractious local Democratic Party.

After pulling papers to run for an ailing state representative’s seat, Kimo respectfully withdrew upon learning the representative was going to run for re-election.

And what has been his reward for putting people first? A thumb in the eye.

I know it’s ultimately up to the governor to decide, but James “Kimo” Apana should have been one of the three names submitted to him for consideration.

Dale Parsons