Apply progressive thinking to Second Amendment

Considering thoughtfully the context in which it was written, only a fool would question the wisdom and meaning of our Second Amendment. The importance of a “well regulated militia” remains to this day.

However, certainly the same fool would fail to recognize the vastly different societal and technological picture some 200-plus years later when pondering a fitting modern interpretation of the right to bear arms that we can all live with.

Imagine for a moment if the Second Amendment had evolved through the years to remain a relevant vehicle for security. Perhaps it would read like this: “A well-informed, enlightened populace, being essential to its liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness, the right and responsibility of the people to continually expand their knowledge through education shall not be abridged or deterred, but encouraged and fortified.”

Perhaps then, those who currently feel powerless without an assault weapon within arm’s reach would find reason to replace such hopelessness with a more promising collective future.

Now imagine we promoted such a right with the same monetary might currently being put forth by the National Rifle Association in its quest to take us back to the good old days of the Wild West, with an automated twist.

Naively utopian, perhaps. It often seems one can only dream of an advancing society these days.

Brad Fitkin