Appropriate sentence given for assault on children

I am writing about the Feb. 2 article regarding the sentencing of William Barrios.

I want to thank both Judge Rhonda Loo and Deputy Prosecutor Kim Whitsworth for their dedication to make sure that necessary consequences were carried out for the horrible crime of stealing the childhood of two children as a result of sexual assault.

While there may have been other perpetrators of child sex assault who received less than this individual, that does not mean that there was anything wrong with this sentence. It points out a major flaw in the system to protect children from known sex offenders. Barrios was required to have registered as a sex offender when he moved to Hawaii after committing another crime in California, but he never did. There needs to be more accountability in the registration process than currently exists. As the community grows, it is even more important to have a system which is responsible for keeping children safe.

We want to do everything we can to prevent these crimes against children in the first place, but when they do occur we must strengthen our laws and consequences for a safer community.

Roy Sabado