Being in harmony with Maui defines being local

In response to a Feb. 15 letter writer who questions the criteria for being local, consider this: Being local is not defined as a category or status. You cannot buy it by owning a home and living here for a short time. It is as physical as it is a state of mind.

Some may never be local as long as they live, if their hearts and minds are not in harmony with all that Maui has to offer.

The population on Maui is made up of honest, hardworking, multicultural people who, working in harmony, struggled to build and sustain the resources of this island which we all now enjoy. They lived aloha and understood the meaning of pono, as do their families today.

To answer the question “What’s the criteria for being considered local?”: You will be one when you understand the answer without having to have it explained to you. You will live a fuller and more peaceful life and be that much better for it.

Roy Ayala