Bill does nothing to solve Maui’s water problems

Penalizing Maui folks for water usage misses the point. The County of Maui has suffered from insufficient water supplies to meet its needs for decades.

With the impact of a growing population, from new family formation and transplants as well as the infrastructure to facilitate this inevitable island growth, the county has failed to keep pace with the needed upgrade and increase of the available water supply.

Although this bill (The Maui News, Feb. 16) is reflective of the inevitable, it solves nothing. It’s an accepted fact that water hogs should pay their fair share. No question.

However, the county and the water department act like an ostrich – head in the sand syndrome. It’s only going to get worse.

The department and the county must act responsibly. The good administrators and legislators that we have must develop a water plan to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. The sooner the better.

This would allow the department and the county the ability to develop a livable plan and then float bond issues and fee adjustments immediately to finance the implementation of this plan to amend and cure this ever worsening problem.

When this occurs, then the department and the county have done their job instead of this shortsighted bill.

Chris Phillips