Bills are infringement on rights of gun owners

Hunter and shooting sports enthusiast alert: The state Legislature is trying to run two bills through that will forever change our lives

SB36, championed by Sen. Gil Keith-Agaran, will require people to register all firearms yearly and, for a fee, people will also have to take a class every two years and will have to have storage inspected by the police if there are any uncertified people in a household. Failure to comply will result in charges and confiscation.

HB1358, championed by Rep. Joe Souki, will require people to furnish proof of registration of firearm in order to purchase any ammunition.

Do you have time to go and stand in line at the police department every year for the rest of your days to register each and every one of your guns that you already had to pass a background check to obtain? I smell infringement of my rights.

If you hunt or even just have guns for plinking or whatever, this will affect you. It is for all guns, I repeat, all guns.

Tom Rice