Bills would stop killing of pets for consumption

Did you know our dogs, cats and horses in Hawaii have no legal recourse from being slaughtered and eaten for human consumption?

I have asked many people around Maui this question and most all say, “I did not know.” That is horrific.

Residents have tried to pass laws to ban the consumption of pets several times since 2004 and our legislators have never scheduled hearings for the bills in the past.

I wish to stop the slaughter, sale and eating of the meat of dogs, cats and horses.

We have an opportunity again now since Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland and Rep. Mele Carroll have introduced bills to to criminalize this abuse. All our cats, dogs and horses in Hawaii should be nonfood items and are recreational or sporting animals.

Please voice your support of SB197 and HB1349 – whether you are a visitor to Hawaii or a resident of any island.

Send email to and

Please keep our beloved furry creatures safe from being slaughtered.

These creatures add so much love to our lives and are our best friends. Do not let those in Hawaii kill our best friends any longer.

Raise up the standards of animal treatment from poor to kind and humane.

Barbara Steinberg