Decision belongs to citizens, not government

I am vacationing on your beautiful island. I read with great concern a Feb. 18 letter regarding the Second Amendment to our Constitution and of the founder’s meaning of “a well regulated militia.”

The letter writer either has done little historical investigation or has sought to misinform the public as to the original meaning of the phrase as incorporated into the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

Established research has determined that our Founding Fathers were terribly afraid of a standing army. In fact, America had no standing militia until after World War I. The term “well regulated militia” was given to state militias meant to defend state and local citizens, even against federal intervention. And those soldiers were to come from farms, fields and local towns.

The issue is not one for radio personalities. It’s for us, the citizens of this great country, to decide. Do we believe our government knows what is best for us? Or do we?

Steven D. McDaniel

Fleming Island, Fla.