Dick Cheney is hardly one to be giving advice

On Feb. 10, The Maui News published a story in which former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized President Barack Obama’s prospective Cabinet selections – two decorated war heroes (Chuck Hagel, secretary of defense; and John Kerry, secretary of state) along with John Brennan (CIA).

Cheney said “(Their) decisions will limit the ability of future presidents to respond to foreign crises.”

This from a man who dodged the draft five times, who influenced a gullible George W. Bush into invading Iraq based on the misguided belief that weapons of mass destruction existed; who said that oil would pay for the war and that America would be greeted as liberators and we would be victorious within weeks of “shock and awe.”

Believability is put to the test as this armchair hawk, who never served, continues to impose his warmongering inclinations on those still willing to drink his Kool-Aid.

David L. Florence