Dire consequences await if Americans disarmed

Is the gun control debate about keeping our schoolchildren safe or disarming the public? Consider the background check, where gun dealers are prohibited from selling to anyone with a felony conviction. There are about 2.5 million now in our prisons, and probably three times as many, or 6 million, others with past convictions. Only 20 percent of those are considered violent, which leaves 6.3 million citizens needlessly denied their Second Amendment right to defend themselves and their children from violence.

Background checks sound very reasonable at first glance. It is those who are denied their rights that opens a huge can of worms. Who and what groups will be quietly added to this no-buy list just as the government adds people to the no-fly list or new drugs to the prohibited drug list? All these additions are done without public input or congressional approval.

Returning vets with post-traumatic stress disorder have already been added. Will all vets who have proved their ability to be violent eventually be added? Certainly all state militia members and government dissidents will make the list and then maybe all those with DUIs. How many will die in the enforcement process? Will these gun laws spark another revolution?

Of one thing I’m certain: We will regret the day we allowed this federal power grab. If Americans allow themselves to be disarmed, we may someday be throwing stones at drones sent to keep us in line by the first American president who refuses to step down.

Edward Hart