Effort to remove portrait of Jesus raises question

In The Maui News on Feb. 8, there was an article regarding a federal lawsuit to remove a large portrait of Jesus (no last name) in Ohio that’s been there for 65 years.

The lawsuit states: “The maintenance and display of the portrait has the effect of advancing and endorsing one religion, improperly entangling the State in religious affairs, and violating the personal consciences of plaintiff. . . .”

When I was in school 64 years ago at age 5, we had a portrait of George Washington above our blackboard. George was Episcopalian. I was not. I remember thinking, “Jesus, I hope this doesn’t scar me for life!”

ACLU spokesman Nick Worner stated, “Separation of church and state is one of the nation’s oldest traditions.”

I reread the Bible (another of our nation’s oldest traditions) the next day and nowhere could I find Jesus’ religious affiliation. Can anyone help me?

Chris Martin