Fees are being used to nickel-and-dime taxpayers

Where does a cash-strapped state/county government go to generate revenue? User fees.

It would be political suicide to raise taxes, so instead let’s nickel-and-dime you to death with higher fees for license and registration, hunting and fishing licenses, soda with sugar, all guns, HI5 containers, alcohol, entertainment (movies, theater, cable), cell and home phones, ad nauseam. Meanwhile, we’ll divert your attention every year by trying to manipulate the general excise tax.

Since arriving in 1999, I’ve paid my license and registration for the same vehicle, from $45 to $216.50. And Hansen Road is still the pothole haven it has been since 1999. When, oh when, is it going to be fixed?

And in response to a Feb. 19 letter: Yes, syntax is not one of the strong points of this paper. I’m sure the letter writer is rolling in the aisles with the biweekly typos. (OK, there’s more).

Dennis Lokmer