Fleetwood concert was thoroughly entertaining

My family and I are annual visitors to Maui and were among of the very lucky attendees at the Feb. 13 “Fleetwood at the MACC” concert.

This was literally a first for an audience and a rock music legend and a few of his very talented friends comprising the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band featuring guitarist Rick Vito, especially the unique question-and-answer session.

It was with dismay that I read the Feb. 14 edition of The Maui News to find no review or mention of the concert.

It was not until the Feb. 15 edition of the paper did the event get at least a front page with photos and accompanying captions but still no review or mention of the fact that the concert included the return to the stage of Christine McVie, formerly of Fleetwood Mac and a major contributor to the group’s success spanning decades since the late ’60s, especially the album “Rumours.” The placement of the white keyboard at the left side of the stage heightened my, and I suspect everyone’s, expectations only to have them more than met by this wonderful musical and historical concert and to hear Christine’s voice.

It was also great to see the addition of Steven Tyler, another great showman and Maui resident add his talents to this night.

I was thoroughly entertained and, judging from the audience response, so was everyone else in attendance.

Good on Mick Fleetwood and the people at the MACC for putting this together.

Brian Bentley

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan