Get the politicians and unions out of health care

I am completely in favor of privatizing public hospitals. I can’t understand why anyone, other than unions and their paid-for politicians, would not want to have their health care provider motivated to give them the best service and the lowest cost in fear of losing their customers to another competitor.

This apparently is the reason that politicians stepped in to prevent an entrepreneur from building a new hospital with his own money in Kihei a few years back.

Although it is nonprofit, Banner Health is rated among the top 15 health care systems with enormous resources. It has 31,000 nonunion employees – that is what terrified the unions here. Imagine being able to get rid of incompetent employees without a multiyear court battle. Imagine being able to earn a living without paying extortion to a union and a political party.

My family and I have received good quality service at Maui Memorial Medical Center, but the best service I ever received was from a private system on the Mainland. Let’s get the bureaucrats, politicians and unions out of our health care system.

Mal Johnson