Get tougher on boat operators who harm whales

The Feb. 1 article about boaters striking whales made me think of the penalties that should be assessed but are not by the Department of Land and Natural Resources concerning whale safety.

I know of instances where kayakers are fined for being too close to whales. Yet boats full of tourists go to where the whales were last seen, then may collide with the whales.

In instances the article cited, fluids are released by the whales and they are not seen again. This implies to me they were harmed by the boats actions.

When I asked DLNR officials if the boats were cited, I got no answer.

If the job of those in charge is to protect the whales that come to Maui yearly, some corrective action needs to be taken.

When the Superferry was being established, there was talk of sensing devices added to try to stop strikes which may occur.

I know of no harm caused by kayakers to whales, but deaths from boats happen more frequently then one thinks. DLNR must hold those operators accountable for their actions.

Dennis Fitzpatrick