Government oppression and tyranny running amok

I am outraged at how the county, state, and federal governments are trampling on my God-given constitutional rights.

The Constitution guarantees us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why should a bureaucratic government interfere with my right to use my car as I see fit? Why should I have to register it, have a license to use it and renew the license every two years (I am 83)?

Why must I prove I have good eyesight before I can have a license? Why must I pass a test before I can get a license? Why must I pay an insurance company to insure myself for liability in case I accidentally kill someone with my car, or in case my teenage grandson kills someone?

Why does the nanny government tell me how fast I can drive? Why set up traffic lights that trample on my freedom? Why cannot I freely drive my car on the sidewalk or drive any way I please on streets they have immorally designated for driving only one way?

For years I have put up with these terrible infringements on my freedom, but I will not take it any more. The Founding Fathers did not put these restrictions on the use of horses and carts, so why on earth should I tolerate any restrictions?

Join me in the new Freedom Party. Rise against our oppressive government. Pretty soon there may even be a list of registered owners of cars. Stop this tyranny.

Sally Raisbeck