Guns need to be controlled but don’t ban them

Should gun video games be totally blamed for mass shootings?

As youngsters, we used to play “Cowboys and Indians.” We made our own toy guns from scrap woods, rubber bands, clothespins, and used flower fruit seeds from grown tree as “bullets.” I didn’t play the leading roles because the thought of shooting scared me. Being tied up was no fun, either. I settled as the cook, and participated in traditional dancing. Watching siblings, neighborhood friends play with no malice or roughness was fun. Water-squirt-gun toys were fun during the hot summer.

It was common sense we were role playing. We were aware real guns were dangerous. So, what’s the difference between video game and role playing? Video games are modern technology but discretion of parental guiding was properly applied then. The authority of parents or guardians was respected with encouragement. Discipline was imposed with proper jurisdiction rather than the notion of parents or guardians as being child abusers.

With the epidemic of rampage shootings that resulted in tragedy, gun control is imperative but banning is unnecessary. I respect responsible gun owners, but I am petrified of guns of any sorts due to potential, senseless accidental death. Owning one is never an option.

My deepest sympathy goes to all shooting victims and families. The courage of teachers, the principal and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School is beyond magnitude.

I hope now we value our teachers here. They’re not only teaching but mothering, fathering, janitoring and protecting children.

Irene B. Nakama