In this day and age, guns do not belong in homes

Guns do not belong in homes in this day and age. Ownership of guns could still be possible but it would make a lot more sense to have firearms checked in at public armories when not being used for legal purposes (hunting, target practice, etc.)

We need to help the mentally ill but having guns readily available for their use is just plain crazy.

If the National Rifle Association had its way we would be back in the Old West. But even in the Old West the bad guys had to check in their weapons with the local sheriff, according to movies back in the 1950s.

Our military also has armories where weapons are kept until needed.

Another way to get guns under control is to eliminate career politicians by having term limits, hence, diluting the power of the NRA lobbyist and the career politicians who are in their pockets.

The Second Amendment was written more than 200 years ago and society was a different pot of stew. If we did not change our thinking from the founding of this country, women would still not have the power to vote, there would still be slavery, gay people would still be unaccepted everywhere in the U.S., etc.

Do we really want to live in a society like the Old West? I don’t think so.

Ronald Lau