Just like vehicles, all guns should be registered

Unfortunately, politics, especially extremist, can damage the spirit of aloha, of open trusting heart in the community of citizens.

We agree to live together in civil, social society. We agree to the terms of the contract which begins and ends with the Constitution and includes all statutes enacted to further define the civil code.

The guaranteed right to free speech is therefore qualified to not include slander, libel, incite to riot, etc. We have no right to yell fire in a theater, or even talk loudly in a library.

The Second Amendment guarantees the right to self-defense, but offers no inherent right to include offensive weapons of mass destruction.

I believe the vast majority of citizens of our democratic republic do not want to concede every citizen the right to have WMDs in their neighborhood, especially given the success of the weapons manufacturers to market to children, including the angry ones, with games, toys and cartoons.

All guns, like vehicles, should be registered, and the owners held responsible for their use and safe-keeping.

Erik Knud-Hansen