Kihei project should already have people working

I am writing to express my deep disappointment in our state Land Use Commission and its recent decision to extend the review of the Piilani Promenade project (The Maui News, Feb. 8). The meeting should have been the last one on this issue, and the project should have people working. The project will be an improvement to Kihei and will provide a lot of needed employment.

I live in Kihei, next door to the development. I was on the General Plan Advisory Committee for 3 years discussing the new Maui County General Plan, and this project fits into that plan.

One of the groups that oppose this project has a history and track record of opposing most projects on Maui.

As a resident of Maui for 40 years and of Kihei for three years, I reject the representation that this project is bad for Kihei and will add to the traffic. Hello, this is the state-designated intersection for the Upcountry highway. We are fortunate the developer of the Piilani project is paying for the cost of the intersection and the portion of the Upcountry highway through its property.

Thomas Cook