Lack of control makes gun shows source of danger

I’ve been a hunter from a very young age and was a competitive pistol shooter with the police department for some years.

Never in my life have I agreed to having gun shows because we have never been informed about the controls with them. Who runs them? I don’t know. Have they been required to take a psychological examination? We are not privileged to that information and have never been.

People with mental ailments are allowed to buy whatever they want without any kind of controls? Not so good. I also wonder about the mental ailments of the people running those shows as well as some of the people with titles in the National Rifle Association. Like other people who were prominent in the political news a few months ago, I question their interests.

Who in their right mind would allow anyone to buy an automatic rifle to keep at home? The Second Amendment rights should not have anything to do with this decision. It’s these gun shows that are the problem, where anyone could have purchased any weapon displayed without a permit. Something was wrong here and a lot of young people have had to pay dearly because of it.

The NRA suggested armed guards at the schools. Did it offer to furnish the weapons for the guards? Of course not. It would deprive the NRA of its gratuities from the gun makers. And, of course, we would end up buying them.

Gordon C. Cockett