Letters should address more relevant issues

After reading the Letters section of The Maui News for some time, several thoughts come to mind which I would like to share.

In response to the Feb. 1 writer who wrote that he experienced “road rage” while driving on Maui and would never be back: The likelihood is that the road rage experienced was not from a local but from another visitor who thought he was still on the L.A. expressway.

To those folks who either criticize President Barack Obama or criticize Obama critics: Take a breath and try to calm down. Like it or not, he is president for the next full term.

To the people who would like to rewrite the Second Amendment: Send it to your congressman.

The Feb. 11 writer who is upset with the government for banning her from driving on the sidewalks without a valid driver’s license just made the Hawaii Bar Association’s day.

And finally, in response to the Feb. 12 writer who likens The Maui News to Fox News: Try turning a page or two. The Maui News has tons of relevant information on other pages other than views.

Having said all of that, we actually do have pressing issues here on Maui. We have an ever-growing homeless population. The use of sacred lands for commercial construction is getting out of control. We are exhausting our potable water supplies. Our electric bills are starting to equal association fees and our schools need more funding. Need I say more?

Roy Ayala