MACC members deserve a better choice of seats

The Maui Arts & Cultural Center does an excellent job of marketing its programs, while encouraging people on Maui to attend various events and contribute during various fund drives. For major concerts like James Taylor, Santana or Bonnie Raitt, members, like myself, may show up to the MACC up to four hours before tickets go on sale to members, in anticipation of getting choice front-section seats.

It is extremely disappointing and frustrating then to be one of the first 10 people to purchase a $125-$150 ticket and find out the best available seat is somewhere between four to 10 rows back from the stage.

The reason given: Large sections of choice seats are being blocked and held by promoters, agents and special MACC friends. So while the MACC continues to encourage members to support its events and donate, members are getting pushed farther back from the best seats at key events. At the same time, member fees are scheduled to be increased next year. Doesn’t seem like a great way to support the people who support the MACC.

Dave Kern