Message from the NRA: Let the shooting begin

In response to the Jan. 30 letter “Right to self-protection from threats is absolute”: The letter writer puts his own right-wing spin on the Second Amendment.

He wants everyone to join the National Rifle Association. Would that be the same NRA that supports guns in bars? (Get drunk and brave with a little liquor, pick a fight and shoot someone. Alcohol and guns don’t mix.) And guns in the workplace? (Boss or co-workers get on your nerves? No problem, just shoot them.) And guns on Amtrak? (Guy talking on his cellphone? Shoot him too.) And gun show loopholes? (Any nutcase coward can buy a firearm of any type, no background check and can buy as much as he can afford.) And guns in our national parks? (Someone playing music too loud, just shoot them. See an animal? Shoot it too). Stand your ground? (George Zimmerman’s law – follow someone just because you’re a racist bigot, act like a policeman, guy may not be doing anything wrong but you just don’t like the way he looks. Confront him and when he protects himself and starts to kick your behind, shoot him too.)

No, thank you.

Jimmy L. Muschietti