Moderates should consider becoming Republicans

There are a few notable politicians out there, whom I will not name, who are registered Democrats but should consider jumping to the Republican side. The reason being that they are moderate as opposed to far-left liberals. That means that their ideas can really benefit both sides.

However, they have rightfully felt that it is easier to run as a Democrat to win in Hawaii. However, they fail to realize that the Democratic Party does not want them in office any more than it wants Republicans in. That is evident in the last election with who was endorsed.

That is also evident with the windfall of events that led to the governor appointing all these new people after Sen. Daniel Inouye passed. While I do honor his service, I also feel that nobody should ever be in office so long that they die there. That led not only to an appointment of a new senator but also a new lieutenant governor, state senator and state representative rather than holding special elections, with cost being the reason.

I believe it had more to do with the risk of moderate Democrats winning. For that reason, moderates should really consider jumping to the conservative side and help provide a true two-party system.

Erin McLaughlin