More evidence that conservatives ruining GOP

A Feb. 18 letter regarding President Barack Obama’s “disaster for health care” is fearmongering and shows how conservatives are ruining the Republican Party.

Quoting Jeffery H. Anderson, the arch conservative? What do you expect to find?

NBA players? If the top pay was $100K, there would be more players, and better yet, viewers.

Death panel? Average age of contracting cancer, 60 years-plus. Twenty-five percent of Medicare funds is used to fight cancer in the last year of a patient’s life. Five percent is used during their last month.

Decline in doctors’ pay? How about the fact that most doctors overcharge for their services? Unless you count that they’re charging us for waiting-room time.

Shrinking doctors? In 1997, under President Bill Clinton, the Balanced Budget Act was passed cutting funding to medical schools. Unless Congress reverses this, we will continue to see a lower output of new doctors. At the same time, record numbers of students are enrolling in medical schools.

Medicare cuts? Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan proposed the exact same cuts as Obama. So who’s to really blame? Let’s call this a tossup.

As far as private plans versus government funded? That will, as it has always, depend on the income level of the buyer.

If the letter writer thinks that things are bad now, he should be glad that neither Romney nor Ryan made it to first base. That tells me the heart of this writer’s tale is sour grapes, nothing more.

Jimmy Muschietti