No need to be fearful in these perilous times

In perilous times, life is threatened but our weakness shall be strengthened. Fear not, be patient and do not repay evil with evil.

There is no need to be fearful, build up and encourage all and tell them faith will preserve his people.

As we pray, we must believe the challenge for every believer is to stay in the Scriptures to see you through these hard times.

Just as I blessed my brother’s wedding recently, his daughter raised her voice in prayer to encourage my husband, Al, and I in prison ministry.

Faith called to say, “Now is the time to fight for your faith.” This counsel of spouses, pastors and wise friends encircled us and faith lifted us. The world of the lord came healing and comforting to all who trusted in him.

Families, kupuna, children and all people, God will make a way. For his plan is still at work even through all the turmoil we face.

Victims as well as perpetrators must be strong, and all must repent and be faithful to save you and to keep from spinning out of control.

Thank you for caring. Love one another.

Pua Hashimoto