Nothing being done about crimes against visitors

It is with great humor I read of Steven Tyler’s attempt to rid Maui of paparazzi invading his space on the island. News flash, Mr. Tyler, the residents, the police, the city fathers, etc. don’t care.

If Maui cared about you, me or the many other visitors that came and supported their island financially, they would do something about the rampant crime and the disgusting lazy slugs that prey on vacationers.

We stopped at a public beach parking lot for 10 minutes, returned to our car to find the window broken and our stuff gone. After this happened, we were made aware by the police this is a constant problem. The responding officer even said, “I think I know who did this.” If you know, why aren’t you doing something to alleviate it? We will not return to Maui and don’t hesitate to tell anyone who mentions Hawaii to avoid Maui for that reason. Good luck, Mr. Tyler, but Maui has bigger problems that need to be addressed than the paparazzi!

Cindi Skop

Boyne City, Mich.