NRA’s recruiting letter proves informative

While checking my mail, I found a letter from the National Rifle Association. Inside was a large, shiny NRA sticker and an urgent plea for me to attach the sticker to my car, truck or gun case.

It went on to inform me that my right to own a gun is being threatened by, quote, “anti-gun politicians and Obama’s political appointees, global gun ban diplomats at the U.N. (huh?), militant anti-hunting extremists” and, my favorites, “radical billionaires and the freedom-hating Hollywood elite.”

I found the last category odd, considering I have not seen a movie ad in the last decade(?) that does not have a gun in it somewhere.

The letter goes on to inform me that “for a fraction of what it costs to buy guns, gear and ammo” I can join the NRA and receive several free gifts.

I’m thinking about it, but first I want to see what one those “radical billionaires” is offering to not join.

Jeff Barnes