Obama administration lacking qualities needed

Prior to the Obama administration, my interest in the arena of politics was minimal at best. Prompted by the deaths and mystery of four dedicated government employees, I felt an urge to opine. Why media coverage is vague on this story, I can’t answer. Before I continue, let me be clear: I advocate no political party whatsoever.

Now, the leaders in Washington seem to be nonchalantly pulling the wool over the proverbial American eye.

Last year, on a date we will never forget, an overseas consulate was attacked by infidels and, after nearly five months, the United States intelligence community has yet to uncover the truth and bring the villains to justice. More importantly, the families of the deceased still await closure.

While being deposed on the issue, the sitting secretary of state angrily blurted, “What does it matter?” Be advised, this was a statement by a leader of the free world, i.e., the Obama administration. Moral of the story, my take: The truth isn’t easily handled. Balance, compromise, transparency, bipartisanship and sound decision-making are key to a solid, honorable democracy. Little of the above is evident in the present-day federal government, i.e., the Obama administration.

For those who may feel I’m pulling racial strings, you may like to know that my most admirable political figure, Adam West, is a dark-skinned fellow and I, light. To be politically correct, he’s African-American and I’m Caucasian.

Thank God for free press, especially The Maui News.

Jeff Blagus