Obama not as loved as some believe

It’s all in the words

I feel that many times the letters we read here are pumped up fictionally to prove some agenda. The agenda here is that the majority of Americans think Barack Obama is a good president.

For an example, the word “fringe” from Webster’s dictionary: A group with marginal or extremist views. Other words, clear majorities invokes, without question, over the top and not just squeaking by.

In anything we read the words are the words. It’s our minds, dictionaries and common references that give paragraphs their true meaning. Looking at numbers can make things clearer.

Obama only won 51.02 percent of the popular vote. How does that say that he was elected by clear majorities? A sad fact is that only 61 percent of the eligible voters even voted. One would think that if Obama is so loved and appreciated, he would be able to get more than 25 percent of the registered voters to say so in what was a very close election.

After four years in office he received 2 million less votes than he did in 2008. His popularity seems to be waning. Seventy-five percent of the voters are not fringe or hate Obama. Could it be they just don’t think his policies are good for the country?

Mike Moyers