Obama’s re-election a disaster for health care

Thanks, Barack Obama voters. Here are some of the bad repercussions of your vote:

* Decline in pay for doctors: Medicare pays doctors a fraction of the work they do.

* Government health care is inferior: Just think what would happen if an NBA player received only $100K no matter how good of a player he was. The worst players wouldn’t play hard because they are getting paid the same as the good players.

* There is a death panel: If you are 60 years or older and are a cancer patient, you will not get chemotherapy treatment because it’s too costly. The younger patients need it more than the older patients.

* Incredibly shrinking doctors: The number of doctors will shrink to about 83 percent.

* Medicare cut: One-third of Obamacare funding is taken from Medicare.

* An article by Jeffrey H. Anderson says that millions of people will still be uninsured because Obamacare will cost $1.93 trillion. If you have people who only want to ride the wagon and not push, it’s going to get ugly.

* Some people will lose their private insurance through work: How long will their insurance last if the company has a profit loss or decline in production?

* Different states can save millions by offloading their employees into the federal Obamacare. Their gold-plated health insurance will be the same as a factory worker.

Obamacare doesn’t fix the problem. Sometimes the dreams and schemes can be worse than the problem. The cure can be worse than the disease.

Allen Vierra