Odor of racism detected in criticism of Obama

In response to “Obama administration lacking qualities needed” (Letters, Feb. 6): The letter writer qualified his opinion by saying he was not pulling any racial strings, in case one might think he was.

He went on to say that one of his most admirable political figures was a black man. Really. It sounds like the old adage: “I’m not racist, one of my best friends is black.”

Not only am I sensitive to topics concerning or affecting blacks but I usually know it when I hear it, and I can sniff it out quite easily because it has a certain odor.

It was pointed out that our consulate was attacked and also that the secretary of state said after the fact, “What does it matter?”

Please remember that under the George W. Bush administration our country was attacked, killing thousands, the Iraq war was started based on bogus info and this country was brought to its financial knees.

I hate to think of the comments if this happened on President Barack Obama’s watch.

Reggie Reed